I make marks that tell your story.


I love making marks. Whether it’s an illustration to support a magazine article or branding that distills a company’s essence, I’m having fun.


In drawing or designing for myself, the process is easy: brain pushes stylus in a happy creative reverie; in designing for others it begins with listening.


Successful design has a measurable aim. It results from collaboration between client and designer. For the designer the conversation defines the market, tastes, budget and other needs of the client organization;  for the client, the exchange pushes her to refine and clarify what the organization really needs, helps keep  the project focused  and opens up unexpected graphic possibilities.  As in “ I would never have thought of that solution!”


Decisions may involve an organization’s identity, designs of logos, posters or websites, collateral such as trade show banners, greeting card or illustration for any purpose. The process is always the same, bound by an enjoyable conversation.

Some of my clients are:


Ontario Parks

 (Ministry of Natural Resources)

Parks Canada

City of Toronto

Scholastic Canada

Architectural Conservancy of Ontario

Harbourfront Centre

LongPen Inc.

PaperEclips greetings

Xtra Magazine

Canadian Running Magazine

Canadian Cycling Magazine

St Louis Magazine

Gay Games International

Danforth BIA

Alliance for South Asian AIDS Prevention




What else do I do?


I have a varied background. In my first career I taught high school Geography, sometimes using slides I took every summer while wending with friends through Europe or the west coast by bicycle. A radical career change led to my design education at Ryerson University in Toronto. I volunteer in heritage preservation and fitness, love modern design,  get excited by anything urban and fret about the environment.  All of these interests and experiences inform my work in one way or another.